SMS Home Screen Show

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See a nice show of your SMS inbox on your home screen. This app shows your SMS messages chronologically or randomly on home screen. Feel happy when seeing your historical messages flying under your eyes. It is both informative and entertaining background show which does not disturb.

There are 12 color themes. The SMS messages are scrolled or only first lines are shown without scrolling. Optionally, a letter icon animation preceeds the next message.

The functionality can be configured in detail. The settings let you select chronological, reverse chronological or random order of showing the SMS messages. You can turn on/off the animated letter icon which is shown when a new message is shown. The adjustable delay is the duration of showing the message before the text is scrolled or a new message is loaded. With text scrolling option set, you can see all the text of your message. The alternative option shows only the first lines and then loads a new message. The colored buttons let you select background/foreground colors. You can also try out the free Lite version for making sure that this app fills your needs.

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