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Having regular sleeping and feeding times is important for new born and older babies. Regular routines enhance the feeling of the safety and they help in sleeping problems. Remembering the last feeding time or how many hours the baby has slept can be difficult for tired parents who have not slept well for days. Furthermore, keeping up a regular schedule of baby's daily routines is difficult for every parent.

Skunkkitalli provides baby care tools which help tracking your baby's feeding, sleeping and pooping times.

The BabyCare-3A provides everything you need for book keeping of your babys sleeping, feeding and pooping activities. You can log events with single click, the events are shown on clock faces and it stores three days history data. Your babys sleeping, feeding and pooping times are logged with big push buttons. The sleeping periods are shown as pies on clock face and other events with simple clock hands. The native phone menu on the right is shown on your phones local language.

You can set your baby's name and favourite color. There are nine color themes: pink, blue, green, light gray, red orient, orange, turquoise, blue sky and gray. When installed on the home screen of yor phone, the app shows the time of your baby's last sleep, feed or poop event. If you prefer your phone in portrait position, the app adjusts the layout automatically.

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