Applications in the OVI Store

TJ-laskuri M12 TJ-laskuri M12

TJ-laskuri M12 is a countdown timer for the remaning days of your military service.

Slippy Notes Slippy Notes for Home Screen

Slippy Notes for Home Screen allows you to make quick notes that are visible on the home screen of your phone.

Juhlat 2012 Juhlat 2012

Juhlat 2012 is mobile nameday calendar providing the Finnish and Finnish-Swedish namedays and national holidays.

Photo Show Home Screen Photo Show

See a nice show of your photos on the home screen.

SMS Show SMS Home Screen Show

This app shows slide show of your SMS messages on home screen.

BabyCare BabyCare-3A

This babycare app helps tracking your baby's feeding, sleeping and pooping times.

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